Trump Backs Away From 3rd Party Threat: ‘I Only Want To Run As A Republican’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump began to back away from his threat to possibly run for president as a third-party candidate Monday.

Appearing on Monday’s “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Trump told Hewitt that he may reconsider threatening a third-party run:

Trump: “Well you know Hugh, it’s a very interesting subject, frankly, the third party. Number one, I’m leading all the polls. You saw that new Monmouth Poll that just came out. That was a very big victory.”

But I will say, I only want to run as a Republican. And they’ve been treating me well the last couple weeks. But as you know, we have had a lot of difficulty a couple of months before that, with let’s call it the establishment. And it just seems to me that as long as we are treated with respect and treated fairly as a Republican I want to do that. I want to run as a Republican because that’s the way we are going to win.”


Hewitt: “Well, my two cents are you put a ceiling on yourself because a lot of people like me will never support anyone who dangles the opportunity out of a third party because it means the other side wins. Just my two cents.”

Trump: “I’ve never heard it put so strongly, because, you know, I want to run as a Republican. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not even thinking about the other. And people want me to immediately give that up, and it’s just something that, it doesn’t seem that important to give it up. But when you say it the way you said it, that’s very interesting, so I’ll be thinking about that.”

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