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Daily Beast Writer Ticked That People Aren’t Outraged That Chick-fil-A Is Coming To Big Apple

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

New Yorkers should be elated that Chick-fil-A is coming to Manhattan in October.

Waffle fries. Delectable spicy chicken sandwiches with a slab of melted American cheese and slathered with special sauce.

Some people can’t just enjoy good fast food.

“Is NYC Ready for Deep Fried Prejudice? Sorry, We Mean Chicken,” blares a whiny, politically charged headline on a story by Justin Jones who wants to know if eaters still know how anti-LGBT the restaurant is.

The company’s CEO Dan Cathy opposes same-sex marriage and expressed as much in 2012.

But damn do they make good french fries.

Jones points out that after schools and mayors took strident stands against the eatery, sales spiked by 12 percent. The company also eventually stopped contributing to groups that blatantly oppose gay marriage.

Much to the author’s annoyance, many gays are ecstatic about the franchise coming to the big apple.

Even Sally Kohn, a lesbian, Daily Beast contributor and CNN analyst.

“Chick-fil-A is like gay sex: Don’t knock it till you try it,” she said.

The author then basically scolds her like a dumb teenager, saying, “But can a socially liberal city known for the Stonewall Riots, the cornerstone of the modern LGBT rights movement, accept a love for a brand with undeniably bigoted founders?”

His story goes on to say yes, yes, yes, and “YAAAAAAS!”

The Mirror asked sources in the New York area how they feel about Chick-fil-A coming.

“Oh I’m pumped. At my college, we had one in the cafe, so I ate it religiously,” said a Brooklyn-based journalist on condition of strict anonymity. “I just loathe that they close on Sundays. Keep your religious shit out of my sandwich. Just give me the goddamn sandwich. Hell, I’ll pay double for it on Sundays.”

Another Manhattan journalist had no real feeling about it.

“I rarely eat fast food or go to that neighborhood so this will affect my life about as much as some idiot eating a donut on Staten Island would,” the individual said.

The Daily Beast‘s Jones closes on a dark note:

“Hopefully 5,000 square feet can contain all the excitement—and exorcise a few prejudiced demons.”

Keep this guy away from Herald Square.

Don’t let him ruin the experience.