Whoopi: Hillary Is ‘In The Doo-Doo Bowl’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg blasted Hillary Clinton Tuesday, saying she is in the “doo-doo bowl” and “floating around.”

 “The View” was talking about Hillary’s campaign and Whoopi recommended “to find out if the foreign money that she [Hillary] took was reasonable or unreasonable.”

Nicolle Wallace: It surprises me that they’re [Hillary’s campaign] doing nothing. If I worked for a candidate whose numbers went upside down, which is what it’s called, when you are more unpopular then popular, if I worked for a candidate that went upside down, I would hit the ground running. I would stop holding back. Because her risk now is that a narrative is cemented in people’s minds that she took foreign money at the foundation that she doesn’t take…

Whoopi: But that’s why that was done. That’s why all that narrative is out there and I would caution people again, you know, it’s a long way —

Rosie Perez: Very long way.

Whoopi:  … To election time. So you’re going to hear stories about all of them on both sides of the aisles. Do your homework. Do your homework, find out, find out if the foreign money that she took was reasonable or unreasonable, how it made you feel. Do not take the narrative from the media because the media is going to keep you crazy. That’s, ’cause, you, you would have — you would be great with her because I think you would say to her, ‘Listen, you’re in the, too-too, doo-doo bowl right now. You’re floating around. You need to do X-Y-Z.’

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