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What Your Whining About My NRA Sticker Says About You

Deputy Matt Deputy Sheriff
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When I read a blog post by a confused beta male in which he describes all the thoughts and fears running through his head the moment he sees my NRA sticker on the back window of my car, or my wife’s minivan, I feel sad for his two sons who look to this “man” as their role model.

That you (the author) fear the driver of a car because of a sticker, and are thus trapped in a recurring series of thoughts and fears, based on lies and misinformation, has you so distracted as a driver that you are now a threat to yourself, a threat to any passengers in your car, a threat to all the other drivers sharing the roadway with you, and a threat to any pedestrians who happen to be nearby.

When nothing more than the appearance of a sticker on the rear of a car sends such fear through someone, does that say more about the person with the sticker, or the person who fears it?

The sad fact of the matter is that all those fears he has listed, which he not only feels himself, but is helping to spread by sharing his wussified musings, absolutely none of those fears are based remotely on reality.

All of this things that he “knows” about me, based on a sticker, are nothing more than his imagination, and him projecting his thoughts onto me.  Not a single one of the things he “knows” about me is true, not remotely, yet he truly thinks they are, and that is sad, and says a lot about him.

The reality is that none of the cowardly murders that come to this man’s mind were committed by an NRA member.  In fact, the vast majority of them were in fact committed by whiny, soft headed, beta males such as himself.  Men who were unable to deal with the realities of life, unable to cope with normal setbacks or adversities, men who could not act like men and confront a situation head-on, and instead chose to handle their failures like cowards and take it out on others, using a gun.

Ask yourself this, if a single one of these incidents of a coward with a gun wantonly murdering random people , the very type of situation that comes rushing to this whiney person’s mind were in fact perpetrated by an NRA member, do you think the likes of “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” or “Everytown for Gun Safety,” or the “Violence Policy Center,” or the “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence,” or the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence,” or “Stop the NRA,” or “Handgun Control, Inc,” or “Americans for Gun Safety,” or any of the other dozens (yes, quite literally dozens) of anti-gun organizations around the country, do you think for a second that they would not be constantly pointing to the incident committed by an NRA member?

Oddly enough, per capita, I see more NRA stickers on cars in the parking lot of the Sheriff’s station I work out of than I do most other places, aside from a guns store parking lot.  Another profession that has a very high NRA membership is the US Military.  Oddly enough, those people with the NRA stickers are the ones using guns to keep this soft-headed sissy safe from the many evil people out there, who use guns for evil, who are most definitely not NRA members.

Some further evidence destroying your misguided fears, gun violence is not on the rise like you incorrectly believe.  According the Pew Research Center (an organization most notably not run by the NRA), gun homicide has been declining for decades and is in fact down 49% since the peak in 1993. Additionally, according to (a libertarian leaning website), despite the rumors and cherry picked statistics, mass shootings are not actually on the rise, but have remained fairly constant for decades.

The fact of the matter, besides constantly fighting for my rights, your rights, and yes, even this weak minded male’s rights, the NRA is one of the largest, longest running purveyors of gun safety education and training.  Not only do they teach the safe handling and use of guns, but they also teach when gun use in self-defense is appropriate, and more importantly, when it is not.

In reality, his entire blog post is nothing more than his display of a lack of critical thinking, the inability to examine fact and serves as a perfect example of the reason why the NRA continues to fight for our rights.  Clearly, the propaganda spewed forth by the dozens of well-funded anti-gun groups is working, and the vilification of the NRA and their millions of members is turning the dim-witted sheep out there into quivering shells of human beings, because they saw a sticker…  God forbid people like this author should ever encounter an actual bad guy with a gun, because I suspect they would make George Costanza running from a kitchen fire look like an absolute hero!

In the meantime there “Dadscribe,” how about you suck it up, look away from the scary sticker and let those of us with enough intestinal fortitude, commonly referred to as “having a pair,” protect you and the rest of your cowardly, weak-kneed flock.  For a man who claims to have learned parenting tips from Han Solo, you sure missed the biggest lesson he taught, which was having a spine!  And by the way, Han Solo shot first!

NOT AN UPDATE:  We will not be disabling the comments here because while we understand that not everyone may agree with us, the facts are actually on our side.  Also, we are man enough to handle comments from people who might disagree with us.

FINAL NOTE:  Beta males, such as the author of that laundry list of unsubstantiated fears and irrational hatred, have been destroying the United States for decades.   In fact, Bill Whittle put a good video out about that very thing several years ago.  Watch, enjoy, learn, and for God’s sake, man up!

ARTICLE UPDATE: 4:49 PM EDT – It seems that the original article on that Deputy Matt responded to has been taken down. Click here to see a cached version

5:23 PM EDT – the website has been taken down. Looks like you will never see his article on the horrors of Nerf Guns and how they cause his son to live in fear.



Matt is a full time Deputy Sheriff that has been on the job since 1996. During his time as a LEO he’s attended countless training classes and is a court recognized firearms expert. Matt brings a unique perspective to TBS given his LEO experience and life time appreciation of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights.