Hillary’s Favorable Rating Drops To Lowest Point In 2016 Race

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has dropped to the lowest point in this election cycle.

In fact, Gallup says it’s one of her lowest favorability ratings ever. Clinton garners a favorable opinion from just 41 percent of U.S. adults, with 51 percent holding an unfavorable view of her.

Clinton scored and even lower favorability rating in 1992, when she was first introduced to the American public.

“Clinton’s sub-40% favorable ratings in 1992 were mostly a product of the public’s lack of familiarity with her, rather than any kind of broad unpopularity. By contrast, her current 41% favorable rating is arguably her worst, given her nearly universal name recognition,” Gallup notes.

The freshest story in people’s minds about Sec. Clinton has to do with her unsecure private e-mail server that apparently held classified information. The controversy has triggered a congressional and FBI investigation.

“Since Clinton emerged as a public figure in 1992, her favorability peaked at 67% in December 1998 after President Clinton was impeached, and waned in the years thereafter — bottoming out at 44 percent after the Clintons left the White House,” says Gallup, adding that her favorability only improved a little during her time in the Senate and went as high as 58 percent when she first announced her run for the presidency in 2007.