MSNBC Correspondent: Photo Of Trump Making Hitler-Like Gesture ‘Says Everything’

Derek Hunter Contributor
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After a rally on Capitol Hill opposing President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt tweeted a picture by the Associated Press of one rally speaker, Donald Trump, waving to the crowd.

The moment the picture was snapped Trump’s arm was extended straight. Security personnel were surrounding Trump, and rally-goers and journalists were snapping photos of the Republican presidential candidate. Hunt tweeted the photo with the caption, “This @AP photo of Donald Trump at the US Capitol today says everything.”

Many people took the tweet as comparing Trump with his arm extended to Adolf Hitler’s “heil” salute.

Conservatives on Twitter were not amused, nor were they silent. They asked Hunt for her thoughts on pictures of prominent Democrats who had their picture taken with their arms in the same position.

Others asked Hunt to clarify what the “everything” the picture said was.

Hours after posting the tweet, Hunt had not replied to anyone asking her to clarify what exactly was the “everything” she claimed the picture said.