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Hillary Clinton Probably Isn’t A Robot

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Do you think Hillary Clinton is a real person? If you don’t think Hillary Clinton is a real person, then Hillary Clinton (who is a real person) has a message for you: Hillary Clinton is a real person.

What brought on this outburst? Well, she was asked why she keeps looking for Sarah Connor.

But seriously, folks. Here’s the exchange with John Dickerson of DNC CBS, courtesy of our own Christian Datoc:

DICKERSON: Give us three words that is the real Hillary Clinton.

CLINTON: Just three? I can’t possibly do that. I mean look, I am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. And I’ve been in the public eye for so long, that I think — you know it’s like the feature that you see in some magazines sometimes. Real people actually go shopping, you know?

And that, friends, is the real Hillary Clinton.

She’s panicking, and it’s about time. She can’t point to any real accomplishments, other than marrying well. All her current public policy statements contradict her previous public policy statements. Even her own team is getting tired of covering up the fact that she’s a big stinky liar. And it’s tougher to play the gender card when you’re not the only woman running.

Hell, now she’s even having trouble fending off Bernie Sanders.

People don’t like her or trust her, so now her campaign is desperately trying to get us to like her and trust her. People think she’s completely out of touch with the “everyday Americans” she claims to love, so now she’s literally blurting out the message her advisors want her to send: “I am a real person!”

And she looks like a loon doing it.

This is awesome.

(Vine courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon)