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Vegan Scum Target Children Of Washington State Butcher-Shop Owner

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It’s a paradox of our existence that animals are dumb, but eating them makes us smarter.* If you’ve ever wondered what sort of effect a long-term lack of animal protein has on the human brain, try talking to a vegan for 5 minutes.

Or just try to advertise your business on the Internet. Elisa Hahn, KING-TV in Seattle:

A Bellevue butcher is learning first hand that promoting your business through Facebook can make you vulnerable to more than bad reviews.

The owner of Golden Steer Choice Meats just wanted to expand his presence on social media like so many other companies do. But the Facebook reviews became so vicious, he realized the problem was more than just a few angry customers.

John Dick said when he updated the business’ Facebook page a few weeks ago, the store was enjoying 5-star endorsements. This week, the business’ rating plummeted.

Why? Vegans.

What did that little boy ever do to anybody?

This man is running a business to support his family in the United States of America, these anonymous cowards are targeting his kid, and Facebook won’t do anything about it.

Vegans are evil and must be stopped. I think we can all agree on the only sensible solution: Make the daily consumption of animal protein mandatory. Conscientious objectors will be put to the sword. Send these brain-damaged freaks back to the dirt they worship.

The rest of us will continue to do what we’re supposed to do: EAT STEAK.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

*Well. Maybe not you.