No Balls: Trump Demands Apology From Fox, FCC Fine For Critical Comments [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Donald Trump just can’t quit Fox News. The GOP hopeful who declared he would not appear on the network “for the foreseeable future” is, it would seem, still an avid watcher of the nation’s most popular cable news network.

On “The Kelly File” Wednesday, National Review editor Rich Lowry told Megyn Kelly Trump has been upset since the last GOP debate because Carly Fiorina “cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon and he knows it.” Explaining that is why Trump has been critical of Fiorina lately, claiming any criticism of her business record is now deemed “sexist.”


Trump immediately condemned Lowry and Fox on his Twitter account, going so far as calling for the Federal Communications Commission to fine Lowry for his use of the word “balls.”

He then demanded an apology from Fox News for allowing Lowry’s “foul language.”

Lowry responded to Trump’s demands:

Twitter responded as only Twitter can.