Whoopi Defends Teacher’s Use Of N-Word In Class [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg defended a Virginia high school history teachers use of the n-word in class Monday on “The View” insisting, “You have to know history” and why these words were used. (RELATED: Students Demand Teacher’s Return After ‘N-Word’ Suspension)

Goldberg suggested that if the word nigger is used “historically, you have no reason to bitch. But you only know that if you know your history.”

Candace Cameron-Bure: This actually happened in my son’s school last year. My son’s teacher, same thing, using it in historical context and this teacher was beloved by the students, has been working there for 30 years but he was immediately removed because one child went home and said, “He said this word in our classroom.” And they talked to all of the students and all of the students said no, it was an appropriate use of the word.

Whoopi Goldberg: You know what, a history teacher is teaching history. If you don’t know the history, and you don’t know why the word nigger is offensive to some people, yes, I said it. Yeah, I said it. I don’t think you should beep “Roots.” I don’t think you should not know about Huck Finn. You have to know history. These are words that were used. However, if someone calls you the “N” word, then you have, you have a reason to [inaudible]. If they do it historically, you have no reason to bitch. But you only know that if you know your history.


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