Rubio Trashes Trump: He’s A ‘Very Insecure Person’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Marco Rubio hit back at Donald Trump, calling him a “very insecure person” who “doesn’t like to be criticized” in an interview on “Hannity” Tuesday.

Trump is “a very sensitive guy, and that’s fine. That’s his problem,” according to Rubio.

Rubio further criticized Trump for losing the Tom Brady endorsement(RELATED: Tom Brady Clarifies His Support For Trump)

Rubio insisted “the presidency is a tough job, you’re going to be criticized and you can’t flip out every time somebody says something about you. He does and that’s his problem.”

Rubio also insisted Trump has had a “bad week. He got booed in a stage. He had very few people show up to an event he gave.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Gets Booed For Calling Marco Rubio A ‘Clown’ At Values Voter Summit)


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