Trump: Rubio And Bush’s Relationship Is ‘Political Bulls**t’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump likened the relationship between Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush to “political bullshit” during a campaign event in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Trump further criticized Rubio for running for president because “Bush is the mentor of Rubio” and it is “very disloyal” for Rubio to run against his mentor.

Donald Trump: I have to tell you one story, do you mind? So Bush is the mentor of Rubio and everybody said, “This is politics at its lowest and worst.”  I can’t stand these politicians. Right? So Bush is the mentor and he goes out and he says, “Yes,” and he pushed and everybody said, Rubio will never run because it would be disrespectful to his mentor and I understand that. That’s called loyalty, right? That’s sort of nice. Hello, folks, how are you? That’s sort of nice. You’re loyal, I believe in that. So everybody said, “Rubio will never run,” the great genius pundits, they’re on Fox and CNN and MS[NBC]. They’re all there and “Oh, no, he’ll never run.” He runs, they’re all wrong. Very disloyal. It was disloyal. Very young. He runs. And they ask Bush, “What do you think of Rubio?” Rubio comes out and he’s talking about Bush and, you know, “What do you think of Rubio?” “He’s my dear friend. He’s so wonderful. I love him so much.” Then there’s Rubio, who’s running against Bush, and he probably shouldn’t be from a loyalty standpoint, the veterans know what I mean about loyalty, right? Right? Right? So they ask Rubio, “What do you think of Bush?” Oh, he’s my dear friend. Wonderful, just wonderful. They hate each other. They hate. Trust me, I know. They hate so much. They hate more than anybody in this room hates their neighbor. Any. But it’s political bullshit, do you understand? It’s true. It’s true.

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