Corporate Sponsors Demand FIFA President Resign

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Several corporate sponsors including C0ca-Cola, McDonald’s, Budweiser and Visa are demanding that the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, resign immediately instead of holding out for the election in February, according to Fox Sports.

Blatter said that he “respectfully disagrees” with the sponsors’ calls for him to step down. His lawyer Richard Cullen released a statement that said, “[He] believes firmly that his leaving office now would not be in the best interest of FIFA nor would it advance the process of reform and therefore, he will not resign.”

Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of FIFA,and is leading the charge to have Blatter replaced. Coca-Cola released the following statement:

”For the benefit of the game, The Coca-Cola Company is calling for FIFA President Joseph Blatter to step down immediately so that a credible and sustainable reform process can begin in earnest,” Coca-Cola said in a statement. ”Every day that passes, the image and reputation of FIFA continues to tarnish. FIFA needs comprehensive and urgent reform, and that can only be accomplished through a truly independent approach.”

Visa has a deal with FIFA through 2022, and has also been vocal against Blatter by releasing the following statement:

”We believe no meaningful reform can be made under FIFA’s existing leadership,” Visa said. ”And given the events of last week, it’s clear it would be in the best interest of FIFA and the sport for Sepp Blatter to step down immediately.”

Budweiser and McDonald’s also released similar statements. English Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has said that the statements could force Blatter to go before he wants to. Dyke explained by saying, “So for those of us who want fundamental change this is good news.”

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