Poll: Republicans Asked To Think Of Boehner Use 3 Key Words, And None Of Them Are Good

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House Speaker John Boehner will leave his office with little popular support and even active disdain from fellow Republicans, according to a YouGov poll.

The Ohio Congressman was able to command a favorable view among just 37 percent of Republicans, while 50 percent took an unfavorable view.

Boehner drew the most hostile opinions from those who identified as part of the Tea Party. More than two-thirds of this group had an unfavorable view of Boehner with just 24 percent saying they had a favorable view.

The YouGov analysis shows that Boehner’s key problem is a lack of core Conservative credentials, with 40 percent saying he was not sufficiently Conservative. This number rose to 50 percent among Conservative Republicans.

But it wasn’t just Boehner’s ideological positions or lack thereof that came under fire. Six in 10 Republicans didn’t think Boehner was a strong leader with many saying “weak” was the first word to come to mind.

YouGov produced a word cloud with the responses of Republicans who were asked to use one word to describe John Boehner. The words most frequently used were weak, ineffective, RINO, untrustworthy but also honest.


The vast majority of those polled – 54 percent – said it was a good thing that Boehner was resigning from Congress and will stop serving as Speaker of the House. Only 10 percent of Republicans though Boehner quitting was a bad thing.

GOP members have until October 8 to decide on a new speaker. YouGov showed a substantial split between Republicans and the rest of the public on what type of speaker should replace Boehner.

55 percent of Republicans told YouGov they wanted a speaker who “sticks to their principles no matter what,” compared to 62 percent of the public who wanted someone who “compromises to get things done.”

Boehner said he was resigning “for the good of the Republican Conference and the institution,” on Sept. 25.

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