Wisconsin Lawmakers Move To Ban Transgender Students From Using Bathroom Of The Opposite Sex

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Wisconsin lawmakers proposed a measure that would require transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

The bill, proposed by state Rep. Jesse Kremer and Sen. Steve Nass would require school districts to make bathrooms exclusively for one gender, according to local Madison news Channel3000.

This recent proposal comes because Kremer feels that it’s time for the state to respond to individual school districts instituting transgender bathroom policies. He also feels that this bill will stop potential bullying against transgender students, saying, “Because now you’re just walking into a restroom, without telling anyone you’re using it. Say you’re a female walking into a male room with 10 guys using the facility. And they know you’re in there. I could see a whole lot of harassment and bullying.”

Some critics of pro-transgender bathroom policies have argued that it could be taken advantage of by potentially predatory students, and Kremer feels his bill will also address that. “And I’m not saying transgender folks are sexual predators. I’m saying this could set up where you have sexual predators taking advantage of this. I’m saying that this could set up the potential for sexual predators to take advantage of having a policy that allows anyone to use a female bathroom,” Kremer told Channel3000. (RELATED: College Belatedly Learns Why Bathrooms Try To Keep Naked Men Away From Naked Women)

Rep. Mark Spreitzer feels that Kremer’s proposal is similar to segregation and Jim Crow laws, saying, “Discrimination. And this is evidence we still have education to do. Literally every time somebody needs to go to the bathroom, they have to separate from their class and be singled out for being transgender.”

President Obama has said under the interpretation of Title IX that transgender students can use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with. But Kremer argued that he will ultimately want a court to decide the Title IX interpretation.

Gov. Scott Walker, a former Republican presidential candidate, has not yet said if he will the sign bill if it reaches his desk.

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