Gun Laws & Legislation

Anti-Gun Politicians Either Don’t Know Or Don’t Enforce Existing Laws

Deputy Matt Deputy Sheriff
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(The image above is a modified version of one that was shared by Senator Schumer.  The original can be seen on his Facebook page.)

Here we have yet another perfect example of liberal anti-gun politicians acting like morons!

Senator Chuck Schumer & Debbie Stabenow, I am referring specifically to you!

einsteinLess than two weeks ago at a college in Oregon, yet another psycho used a gun to slaughter innocent people.  The immediate response by the anti-gun politicians in the wake of this tragedy, as it always is, while the bodies were still warm and victims were still being treated in the emergency room, was to say gun control “is something we should politicize.”

In an effort to politicize it, these two rocket surgeons are tugging at our collective heartstrings while demanding we “do something.”

Let me translate what these anti-gun politicians are saying:
“Look at the pain and suffering of those poor people there. We have to do something! We just have to, even is every single thing we want to do would have had absolutely zero effect on that very incident, that incident that we are using as emotional fuel to get you, the idiot sheep, to follow along with our plan to disarm the public.”

I mean really, that is exactly what they are saying, just with the emotion removed.  They are using a tragic incident to get people’s emotions fired up, and then twisting those emotions to try and get those people to back legislation that would have made absolutely no difference.

They are following the longtime, liberal, anti-gun game plan:
– Horrible incident occurs where some evil turd shoots and kills people.

– Demand to “eliminate gun show loop holes” which 1) don’t really exist, at least not like they say they do, and 2) which had absolutely nothing to do with the incident.

– Demand enhanced / tighter / stricter background checks, which in this case, already exist in the location where the incident occurred, which the murderer passed when purchasing his guns, and which none of the proposed new laws would have prevented that very murderer from obtaining the very guns he purchased.

In reality, laws already provide penalties for illegally bypassing the background check process, for purchasing guns illegally, and for making straw purchases, but instead of hammering those guilty of violating the already existing laws, liberal judges and district attorneys just slap their wrists and send them down the road with probation, if they even do that much.

The problem is not a lack of laws; the problem is a criminal justice system that has been weakened by the very same liberal politicians who are trying to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens instead of dealing with the criminals violating the existing laws!