Boy Hits Girl With A Basketball After She Rejects His Flirting [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A young boy was caught on camera hurling a basketball at a girl riding her bike after she rejected his flirtatious advances.

The now-viral video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, and depicts the boy flirtatiously saying “Hey, ladies” to a pair of girls riding their bikes down the road. One of the girls responds with “Fuck you,” prompting the unidentified boy to launch a basketball at them.

The expertly-thrown basketball then hits the front tire of the one girl’s bike, causing her to crash


According to the New York Daily News, it has not been released if the children knew each other before the altercation, or even the age of the kids involved. What is clear, however, is the video went viral in less than 24 hours, with more than nine million YouTube views. (RELATED: Bully Beats Blind Kid, Hero Steps In And Beats The Crap Out Of Bully [VIDEO])

After the girl crashes, she yells “I’m gonna beat you’re ass. Are you fucking kidding me? Really?” according to the video. The 24-second clip, however, abruptly ends before viewers see an altercation.

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