Bully Punches Blind Kid, Hero Steps In And Beats The Crap Out Of Bully [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A viral video posted Wednesday shows how a high school kid comes to the rescue of another blind student after a bully starts beating him.

The high school hero knocked the bully to the ground with one punch.

The video was reportedly filmed at Huntington Beach High School in Southern California, according to, and begins before viewers can tell what prompted the altercation. (RELATED: Unhinged Jogger Blames Stroller Collision On ‘White Privilege)

When the video starts, the bully is punching an unidentified blind boy, before the other student comes from out of frame and pummels the bully to the ground with one hammering punch. After checking on the blind boy, the high schooler tells the bully, “I swear to God, if you fuck with this kid again, I will fuck you up.”

“We need more people like that guy,” YouTube commenter PrincessLexia said. “We need to help people who are being abused.”


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