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Jeb Bush Says The New Supergirl Is ‘Hot,’ And That’s Super-Wrong

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You shouldn’t comment on a woman’s looks. Especially when she’s been cast as the lead character on a TV show because of her looks.

When I see things like this, I remember why CNN is #1 at being in third place:


Wait, what??

After nearly an hourlong discussion on serious policy, Jeb Bush was thrown a softball Wednesday night while speaking at an event in Las Vegas:

Who is your favorite Marvel superhero? …

“I don’t know, I’m kinda old school,” he continued. “I like the old school guys like Batman, a little dark these days.”

But then he kept going, saying that he saw an ad for the new CBS show “Supergirl” featuring former “Glee” actress Melissa Benoist.

“I saw it when I was working out this morning,” he said. “She looked kinda … she looked pretty hot.

This is super-problematic. I mean, seriously, Jeb? #smdh


Jeb’s press secretary tried (and failed!) to cover up his woman-hating gaffe:

Okay. First of all, everybody knows Batman and Supergirl aren’t published by Marvel. They’re from Archie Comics.

Second of all, you call this hot?


Look, we all know Supergirl is a space alien. But do they need to make her look like a space alien? Ugh.

And what’s up with those thighs? She’s called Supergirl, not Superglob. Obviously, her Kryptonite is salad. She had to go to the bottled city of Kandor just to fit into that skirt. She doesn’t have Heat Vision, she has Eat Vision. She’s faster than a speeding burrito. And so forth.

No, Jeb, Supergirl is not hot. Even if she was, of course, it would be sexist to say so because saying so is sexist. But she’s not. She’s ugly and gross and fat.

Or… is it wrong to say that too?

He gave her a compliment. Relax, feminists.

(Hat tip: Everything’s a Problem)



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