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The Secret Service: Saving Lives, Sawing Logs

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Some jobs you can do in your sleep. Blogging, for instance. (I’m in a deep, restful REM state as I type this, and here you are reading it. Advantage: Me!) But guarding the leader of the once-free world? I’m pretty sure you need to be conscious for that.

Morgan Chalfant, Washington Free Beacon:

The U.S. Secret Service received an official warning from its inspector general Thursday after two agents were found sleeping on the job…

“This alert describes officer safety issues that may pose an immediate or potential danger to U.S. Secret Service officers and those whom they protect,” the formal warning from the inspector general read. “We are concerned that the Secret Service’s staffing and scheduling process does not ensure that officers receive adequate breaks while on duty and time off between shifts…”

Secret Service officials disputed the inspector general’s findings Thursday, arguing that the agents did not fall asleep because of staffing or scheduling problems at the agency.

So they’re just lazy? Hung over? Worn out after banging Colombian hookers?

Secret Service agents sleeping on the job. I don’t like the sound of that. We need men with guns to protect the President of the United States while he’s telling the rest of us we don’t need guns to protect ourselves. Otherwise, long ago the Obama administration would’ve practiced what it preaches and disarmed the Secret Service.

We need to do something about these guys zonking out on the clock, everybody. I say we all chip in and buy the White House a coffee machine. Those Keurig K-cup deals are pretty sweet, and they’re not too expensive at Target. Sure, they’re wasteful. But so is Washington DC, LOL!!!