Chicago Bears Call The Police After Player Says He Wants To KILL Everybody

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Chicago Bears called the police on former player Jeremiah Ratliff after saying he “felt like killing everybody in the building” on October 21, and now more details are emerging.

Ratliff became angry and erratic after he was asked to leave the Bears’ facility Halas Hall for showing up in a condition inappropriate for work, according to the Chicago Tribune. Ratliff also reportedly said he was the devil and told Bears staff members that he wanted their children to die.

Ratliff eventually left, but returned later before leaving again. Bears staff became worried with Ratliff’s behavior and the fact they feared he owned multiple guns, so the decision was made to call the police.

John Tarpey, the Bears’ director of safety and security, called the Lake Forest Police Department and said, “We had an issue with a player. He left pretty upset, came back and then left again upset. We’re a little concerned that he may come back again.”

Police stationed a squad car outside of the facility for two days incase Ratliff returned, but when police pinged the GPS on Ratliff’s phone they determined he was in Texas.

The Bears cut Ratliff on October 22, one day after the police were called on him.

Ratliff’s agent Mark Slough claims Ratliff’s actions are a result of a head injury sustained during the Chicago Bears game against the Detroit Lions on October 18. Slough also claimed Ratliff has no memory of his actions on October 21 and that he’s seeking treatment for his head injury in Texas.

Slough said in part, “The primary focus right now is on Jeremiah’s cognitive health. I would also like to reiterate that the reports that Jeremiah showed up at Halas Hall inebriated are utterly and completely false.”

The NFL has also indicated that the league will conduct an independent investigation into what happened at the Bears facility on October 21.

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