Texas Man Solves Burglary Problem By Shooting Robber In The Groin


David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A burglar picked the wrong house to rob Monday morning, and it resulted in him getting shot in the groin by a homeowner on Dunlap Lake in Texas.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s investigator Sgt. Zachary McBride told the Seguin Gazette that Philip Owens was seriously injured after he attempted to break into the house.

“The homeowner confronted the suspicious person, resulting in the homeowner using a firearm to shoot the suspicious person. The gunshots ceased the pending unlawful entry into the homeowner’s home,” McBride said.

Owens was rushed to San Antonio Military Medical Center for treatment, and is expected to survive. The gunshot wound to the groin, however, was reported by McBride to be “serious.” (RELATED: Chicago Man With Concealed Gun Shoots And Kills Armed Robber)

Police believe that Owens may have been involved in a slew of other local robberies.

“In the geographic area where this incident occurred, there have been reports of over a dozen burglaries of homes within the last few months. All of those burglaries are suspected to have happened in the early morning hours via a back door and some sliding-glass doors. This was the same time of day and the same point of entry that Philip Owens was attempting to do in this case.” (RELATED: Restaurant Encourages Customers To Concealed Carry In Response To Robbery)

McBride concluded by saying the investigation is ongoing, and Owens is a suspect with the police and “at least one other law enforcement agency.”

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