Trump Releases First Ads [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released his first ads of the campaign cycle to air on the radio in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. He is reportedly spending $300,000 on the ad buy.

Released on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, these two ads summarize many of Trump’s stump speeches from his campaign thus far, including his push to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and make “Mexico pay for it,” his claim that politicians are “all talk, no action,” and his promise “to make the greatest trade deals we’ve ever made in our country.”

Text of the first ad:

FEMALE NARRATOR: Donald Trump learned the values of hard work, determination and faith at an early age. He went on to build one of the world’s most iconic brands and companies, which employs thousands of people. Donald Trump is running for president because politicians are all talk and no action. They will never make our country great again. He’ll stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking by building a wall on our southern border. And he will make Mexico pay for it. He’ll negotiate trade deals and make our military so strong no country will ever mess with us. Donald Trump will protect Israel, and brutally and quickly cut the head off of ISIS. He is self-funding his campaign. He will only be responsible to the American people — not special interest and lobbyists. It’s time to make America great again. Maybe greater than ever before. Vote Donald Trump for president.

TRUMP: I’m Donald Trump. I’m running for president, and I approve this message.

Text of the second ad:

TRUMP: I’m Donald Trump, and I’m running for president. Our country is in deep trouble, because let’s face it: politicians are all talk, no action. My opponents have no experience in creating jobs or making deals. The fact is, I’m going to make the greatest trade deals we’ve ever made in our country. And I’m going to bring jobs and money back to the United States. I’ll take care of our veterans and make our military so strong that nobody will mess with us. I’ll secure our borders, and yes, we will have a wall. You can’t have a country without borders. And I’ll make sure that the Second Amendment and our religious liberties are protected. Obamacare is a total disaster. It will be repealed and replaced with something much better. If the people of Iowa vote for me, you’ll never be disappointed. I don’t disappoint people. I produce. Together we’re going to make America great again. I’m Donald Trump, candidate for president, and I approve this message.


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