Cruz: Obama’s Refugee Plan ‘Nothing Short Of Lunacy’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] called President Barack Obama’s plan to allow Syrian refugees into America “nothing short of lunacy” Monday.

Appearing on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Cruz said, “It is inexplicable that President Obama would want to bring in refugees when this administration has no idea if the refugees they are bringing are ISIS terrorists.”

Regarding Obama’s speech at the G-20 on Monday, Cruz said, “I appreciate Barack Obama calling me un-American, and that is reminiscent of the vitriol with which he treats conservatives. Indeed, just like Hillary Clinton said her enemy is Republicans, Barack Obama views anyone who stands with the American people, and for keeping the American people safe as apparently un-American.” (VIDEO: Hillary: Saying ‘Radical Islam’ Is ‘Not Particularly Helpful’)

“And listen, that comment, it embodies the consistent refusal of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and his entire administration to ever even utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.'” (VIDEO: Trump Blasts Obama, Dems For Not Saying ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’)

“The president laughingly tried to characterize this attack in Paris as simply a manifestation of some sort of inchoate, violent extremism,” claimed Cruz. “It is a particular dangerous enemy we face. It is a theocratic and political philosophy of Islamism that the radical Islamic terrorists are driven to murder anyone who does not share their extreme faith. And a big part of the reason we are not effectively combating radical Islamic terrorism, indeed as the president readily acknowledged he has no strategy to do so, is because he will not acknowledge the enemy we are fighting.”

“And so President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s proposal to bring tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees to America is nothing short of lunacy,” insisted Cruz. “If you look at, at least one of these terrorists who attacked in Paris was a Syrian refugee. Of the Syrian refugees who have entered Europe, one estimate was that 77 percent of them are young men. That is a very unusual demographic for a refugee wave.”

“And indeed, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence [James Clapper] has said it is clear that among those refugees are likely a significant number of ISIS terrorists entering Europe,” said Cruz. It is inexplicable that President Obama would want to bring in refugees when this administration has no idea if the refugees they are bringing are ISIS terrorists. And ISIS wants to carry out the very same sort of political attack in America that they carried out in Paris.”

Clapper voiced his concerns in September.

“And it is really a sad and indeed, to use President Obama’s own terms, a shameful thing that our commander in chief puts his political correctness and his ideology ahead of his solemn obligation to be commander in chief, and to protect the lives of innocent men and women in this country,” argued Cruz.


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