Romney: Obama Could Be One Of The ‘Worst Foreign Policy Presidents’ Ever

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mitt Romney blasted Barack Obama Tuesday, saying “he may go down in history as one of the very worst foreign policy presidents in American history.”

Appearing on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Romney said, “I just think that on the issue of foreign policy, and keeping America and America’s interests and the interests of freedom secure and strong, the president has been a disaster.”

I think he may go down in history as one of the very worst foreign policy presidents in American history and this is– the consequence of that is loss of life. The consequence of that is a loss of freedom. The consequence is an America that is not as strong to defend ourselves and to defend our values as it should be,” said Romney.

Earlier in the interview, Romney argued, “I find it troubling and revealing that the world around us is going to hell and the president takes no responsibility. He and Hillary Clinton don’t admit to making any mistakes and they tell us everything is under control and frankly, they’re responsible for the mess we’re seeing in the world and we’re looking for a different strategy, a different course.”


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