Turkish Fans Throw Objects At Israeli Basketball Team During Anthem

Neal Earley Contributor
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Turkish fans pelted Israeli women basketball players during the pregame ceremonies of a match against Turkey.

As shown in a YouTube video, a mostly full Turkish basketball arena can be heard booing and hissing during playing of the Israeli National Anthem.

Midway through the anthem, a fan from the stands threw an object at one of the Israeli basketball players, while the other players quickly dodged the missile anticipating more debris. Some in the stands applauded after the Israeli team was hit.

“This was a complex experience with a hostile arena,” Eden Inbar, coach of the Isareli national told Sport 5. “We played against a good team, I’m proud of the stand that we made, and Wednesday [against Romania] will be our real game.”

According to the Times of Israel, no one was hurt from the incident.

The game, which took place in the Turkish capital city of Ankara, was a qualifying match for the 2017 European championship, which Turkey won 72-53.

Both Israeli and Turkish officials took special precautions to prevent any major incidents from happening during the game, given that Israeli athletes are often the targets of violence when they are abroad — especially in Turkey.

Turkish police posted around 1,500 officers and guards at the game according to the Times of Israel. Additionally, Israeli officials took precautions by barring their players from leaving their hotel and having them leave the game in separate cars rather than in a team bus.

Turkish soccer fans recently booed during a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks during the pregame ceremonies of a match against Greece.