Shaun King Scrubs Twitter Account After Pro-Gun Tweets Surface

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Embattled Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King was caught in yet another inconsistency, and now his Twitter account has been wiped clean.

The account was scrubbed Monday — either by King himself or a hacker — after internet sleuths began circulating old tweets he had published in support of guns.

For King, that poses a problem given that the controversial writer, who is known for his racially inflammatory screeds, asserted over the weekend that white men who like guns are compensating for “small penises” and “low sex drive.” (RELATED: Black Sheriff Responds To ‘Uncle Tom’ Taunt By Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King)

The activist/columnist’s rant, though shocking, is in line with the Daily News’ recent strong anti-gun turn. In the wake of last week’s Islamist terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the paper called National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre a terrorist.

Linda Stasi, another Daily News columnist, followed that up with an article asserting that one of the 14 people murdered in San Bernardino was a “hate-filled bigot” because he spoke openly about his Messianic Jewish faith, his support for the NRA and his opposition to Planned Parenthood. (RELATED: NY Daily News: San Bernardino Victim Deserved It Because He Was Conservative)

Stasi said that 13 innocent people were killed in the attack — implying that the victim, Nicholas Thalasinos, was not innocent.

Not to be outdone, King offered the racist theory that white men who like guns are compensating for lack of sexual prowess. As The Blaze reported, King tweeted on Saturday that white men get a “racial-psychosexual high” from holding “big black guns.” He also called guns the “ULTIMATE phallic symbol.”





But those tweets are now gone from King’s twitter account, which he has nursed for years. Also seemingly gone are tweets that King has published over the years indicating that he is also a gun lover.

In 2013, King tweeted that he either owned guns or had previously owned guns.

And in 2010, King tweeted about shooting at a gun range with his wife and his “9s,” a reference to his 9mms.

Internet sleuths found other tweets in which King sounds much like what he now criticizes. In one tweet King purportedly sent, he said that having a 9mm Ruger “hand cannon” next to his bed makes him “feel pretty safe.” In another, he said that he owned a 9mm with “hollow point bullets.”

“When I’m out with it, damn near nothing scares me,” he purportedly wrote.

King was back to tweeting again by Monday afternoon. He did not address what happened to his past body of work.

This is not the first time King has been in the limelight for making inconsistent statements. As The Daily Caller has reported, a claim King made about being attacked by racist white students during high school in 1995 is inconsistent with a police report taken following the incident and with the investigating detective’s recollection of what happened. (RELATED: Ferguson Activist’s Hate Crime Claim Disputed By Police Report, Detective)

King’s claims about his work on several non-profits organizations he has started have also proved inconsistent. He claimed that money he raised last year for an organization called Justice That’s All would be used to pay for the group’s IRS tax-exempt filings. But the organization was never registered. King returned donations given to that charity and another one he started this year following TheDC’s report.

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