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#NotAllMuslims Charged For Trying To Behead Someone In London Tube Station

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This past week, while America has been focused on an act of violence that has absolutely nothing to do with any particular religion, our friends across the pond have been dealing with something similar. Coincidences are weird, right?

Let ’em know, Anderson:

“This is for Syria! My Muslim brothers!”

No word yet on a possible motive, though. Because, in the words of that bystander and in the fine tradition of No True Scotsman: #YouAintNoMuslimBruv.

Maybe the attacker, Muhaydin Mire, was upset about the latest fare increase? Perhaps the escalator was broken? Is it not possible that somebody farted?

Could be. We may never know why this happened, why all the other such incidents for hundreds of years have happened, or why they will continue to happen. Who’s to say?