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Conservative Group Wants Obama Removed From Office For Being Pot Head

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Accuracy in Media, the original liberal news bias watchdog group, just offered a novel idea booting Barack Obama out of the White House: Declare him mentally impaired from his youthful pot smoking days.

Sounds like a long shot, but hey, so is the ongoing campaign to repeal his signature health care law. And that never runs out of steam.

Cliff Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, argues that, “Rather than accuse Obama of being a secret Muslim blinded by Marxist ideology, perhaps the way for Congress to save our nation is to invoke the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution dealing with presidential disabilities. This amendment allows Congress to review whether or not the president is able to discharge the powers and duties of his office. If it is determined that he is not, then he can be replaced. A case can be made that he is so affected by previous drug use that he is just not capable of comprehending reality.”

Kincaid notes that, “As a former member of the ‘Choom Gang’ of heavy marijuana users, Obama seems indifferent to the facts on the ground concerning the Muslim terrorist threat.”

True enough. But is he a dope or all doped up?

Kincaid, who has done excellent investigative work about Obama’s commie mentor Frank Marshall Davis, cites a new study that concluded that the amount of TCP contained in half a joint or one joint “produced psychosis-like effects.”

The study did not examine the long-term effects of marijuana use. The lead author, Yale School of Medicine Professor Deepak Cyril D’Souza, told this reporter that Kincaid distorted his findings “for political gain.”

But D’Souza’s report really only functions as anecdotal evidence anyway. In fact, Kincaid generously concludes that, “Obama is, presumably, not smoking marijuana in the White House,” but “he talks and acts as if he is still under the influence.“

For example, “Considering Obama’s remarks on Sunday, when he lectured the nation on ‘discrimination’ and insisted on bringing more foreign Muslims into the U.S., one has to entertain the possibility that Obama is so mentally impaired that he is isolated from reality and cannot comprehend the nature of the threats against ordinary Americans. He seems determined to make even more Americans into sitting duck targets for terrorists.”

So what to do?

“If Congress doesn’t want to find Obama guilty of having an ideology that explains his sympathy for radical Islam and disqualifies his continued service as President, the only alternative is to diagnose his medical condition with public hearings and conclude that he has lost touch with reality and is mentally ill. A Congressional Research Service study cites evidence that section four of the 25th amendment is designed for ‘a sick president who refuses or is unable to confront his disability,’ or ‘a president who is disabled but unwilling to step aside.’

“This section is complicated, but it explicitly allows for Congress to establish a committee or another body to review the president’s disability and recommend his removal from office. It refers to several ways the president can be removed, including through a body ‘as Congress may by law provide.’This would begin the process of congressional action.

“The main objection will be that using Obama’s dope-smoking days against him is going back too far in his life to justify his removal from office. But many observers see that something is seriously wrong with this President’s approach to his job. Blaming his performance on the lingering effects of the heavy use of illegal drugs makes as much sense as any other explanation at this point.”

All of this gives new meaning to the traditional route for removing a president from office because he is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”