High School Teacher Arrested For Repeatedly Placing Special Surprise Fluid In Women’s Shoes

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A married math teacher at a high school near Richmond, Va. has been arrested for stealing shoes from women and then returning the shoes with the addition of fresh bodily fluid.

The teacher, Kenneth Johnson III, is a teacher at Varina High School, reports local CBS affiliate WTVR.

Johnson’s modus operandi, police say, has been to purloin shoes from the front porches of homes along Monument Avenue — a broad, tree-laden boulevard in Richmond.

Later, Johnson would return the shoes with a special surprise fluid inside.

Police are playing coy about the exact nature of the fluid. They won’t say what it is. They do say that the fluid isn’t poop. Thus, by process of elimination, it’s likely either urine or semen.

Johnson took and returned one woman’s shoes twice, police believe.

Another woman told the cops that she confronted the shoe snatcher when she caught him in the act of shoe theft. Johnson then explained that he really enjoyed the scent of her shoes. And he took a big whiff of them as he stood in front of her, the unidentified woman told WTVR.

A third woman told police she received a note with her shoes when they reappeared on her porch. The note proclaimed that the shoe thief is “a married man and his wife’s shoes did not have a smell” he liked, police told the CBS station.

Johnson was arrested over the weekend and spent some time behind bars because he couldn’t find anyone to bail him out of jail.

On Monday, a judge granted bail to Johnson and ordered him to find an attorney or allow the court to appoint one.

A similar story — with an identified fluid — occurred last year when the director of public safety at Concordia University Chicago was charged with two misdemeanors because, police said, he masturbated into a shoe belonging to a female school employee. She found him buttoning his pants in her office and later found a mysterious “clear liquid” on the inside of one of her shoes. (RELATED: Lutheran College Safety Director Arrested, Fired For Masturbating In Female Employee’s Shoe)

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