Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I’ve Had Several Near Death Experiences’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Leonardo DiCaprio claims he’s had several near death experiences.

During an interview with The Wired, the 41-year-old actor said he’s come terrifyingly close to dying.

“There was the shark incident,” DiCaprio said. “A great white jumped into my cage when I was diving in South Africa. Half of its body was in the cage, and it was snapping at me.”

“The great white took about five or six snaps an arm’s length away from my head. The guys there said that has never happened in the 30 years they’d been doing it.” (PHOTOS: Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating The Sports Illustrated Swim ‘Rookie Of The Year’?)

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revanant

(Photo: Getty Images)

DiCaprio said he was also on a Delta flight once headed for Russia when the plane’s engine blew up.

“I was sitting there looking out at the wing, and the entire wing exploded in a fireball. I was the only one looking out at the moment this giant turbine exploded like a comet.”

Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Revenant'

DiCaprio stars in ‘The Revenant.’ (Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Then there was the time his parachute wouldn’t open while he was mid-air. (RELATED: Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Raped By Bear In Gruesome New Movie Scene)

“It was a tandem dive,” DiCaprio added. “We pulled the first chute. That was knotted up. The gentleman I was with cut it free. We did another free fall for like another 5, 10 seconds.”

“I didn’t even think about the extra chute, so I thought we were just plummeting to our death. He pulled the second, and that was knotted up too. He just kept shaking it and shaking it in midair, as all my friends were, you know, what felt like half a mile above me, and I’m plummeting toward earth.”

“If a cat has nine lives, I think I’ve used a few.” (RELATED: Leonardo DiCaprio Did Some Disgusting Stuff In The Name Of Fame)