Donald Trump: Bill Clinton Is ‘One Of The Great Abusers Of The World’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump blasted Bill Clinton, insisting he “is one of the great abusers [of women] of the world.”

Speaking at a campaign rally in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Trump said he brought up Bill Clinton’s “tremendous abuse” of women because Hillary Clinton called him “sexist.”
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Trump argued, “You cannot let them push you around… And then she [Hillary] came out with the sexism, which is so nonsense, and but she is playing the card. And then I had to hit her back, so I hit her back and I talked about her husband and the abuse of women and the tremendous abuse.” (RELATED: Trump: It’s ‘Fair Game’ To Discuss Bill Clinton’s ‘Abuse Of Women’ [VIDEO])

“It’s tremendous. I mean, you look at it, it’s tremendous abuse,” Trump claimed. “And I talked about that. And now, today, the television is going crazy and she gets up and makes a speech and does not even mention anything about me with sexism or anything else. I wonder why. I wonder why.”

Later during the rally, Trump said that Hillary “wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break. So the last person she wants to run against is me.”

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