Clinton, Congress, Charter Schools And An Alleged Islamist Cult. What Could Go Wrong?

J. D. Gordon Former Pentagon Spokesman, George W. Bush Administration
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As the FBI expands its probe of Hillary Clinton beyond server-gate to public corruption, they might want to investigate her ties to an alleged Islamist cult that has reportedly given her up to $1 million in political donations, while secretly paying for over 200 Congressional delegation trips to Turkey.

Multiple media outlets including The Daily Caller and USA Today recently conducted their own investigations which substantiate such findings about the “Gülen Movement,” also known as “Hizmet,” Turkish for service. It’s a shadowy web that also happens to run America’s largest charter school network, with some 130 schools in about 30 states, and according to Hizmet, 1,000 schools in 150 countries. This movement and their founder, a 74-year old Turkish citizen named Fethullah Gülen, are reportedly worth $25 billion, and count over 8 million followers.

Coincidentally, Gülen has lived in self-declared exile in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains for decades. Right, the same place where Hillary and the Rodham family have their roots, a place where she spent a significant part of her youth and reportedly enjoys campaign photo ops.

And talk about coming full circle — the FBI is already quite familiar with the Gülen Movement.  That’s because they’ve conducted a string of recent investigations into several affiliated schools around the country for improper use of public funds, abuse of U.S. immigration laws, and improper hiring practices and contracts.

The allegations include importing young Turks and hiring them in favor of local teachers despite glaring differences in qualifications.  Like proficiency in English, for one.  And then demanding hefty kickbacks from their salaries to the movement’s coffers.

A civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court last month also alleges Gülen held hundreds of individuals against their will, including some for up to nearly two years. No wonder they need so much political top cover.

Some in Congress have gotten wise to them, like New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte who returned $43,000 in Gülen-linked political donations from 19 donors and urged Ms. Clinton to return hers as well.

But it’s not just Americans who ought to be concerned with this shameless corruption and influence peddling at the highest levels.

The Turks certainly are. Very.

Turkish courts last month issued arrest warrants for Gülen and 66 of his top followers, alleging that they are running a “parallel state” in Turkey, seeking to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and replace his government with an Islamic theocracy. Basically a Sunni version of Shia-ruled Iran.

According to the Turks, so-called Gülenists have quietly infiltrated Turkey’s police, secret service and political ranks, gradually building strength until they’re capable of a successful coup. Launched from network headquarters in the Poconos, of all places.

Ironically, Gülen runs in influential U.S. circles because he’s built up his brand as a “moderate Muslim” due to his public advocacy of tolerance, dialogue and peace. He’s condemned terrorism and called on all Muslims to disavow such violence.

Sounds great, right?

But what if he and his inner circle are just wolves in sheep’s clothing?

What if his mantra that “no true Muslim” can be a terrorist just lulls Americans and Europeans to sleep — feeding into the false flag hysteria of “Islamophobia” if and when anyone disagrees?

Judging from the shady way he runs his charter schools, buy outs of top U.S. political figures ranging from Hillary Clinton to the halls of Congress, and his past statements referring to secular governments as “reductionist materialism,” that seems more probable than possible.

So what should we do?

As Ronald Reagan once famously said, “when they feel the heat, they will see the light.” Public knowledge and discussion of what’s going on behind the proverbial Green Curtain will sure help.

Americans should dig into the facts and demand accountability. We should not rest until Ms. Clinton returns all the Gülen-linked funds she and her networks deposited to the Clinton Global Initiative and political action committees.

The FBI must follow the law, let the chips fall where they may. Last time I checked, the Constitution takes precedence over shifty political bosses trying to cover their tracks.

And lastly, we ought to send Mr. Gülen packing. Americans need him like a heart attack. The sooner he is extradited to Ankara, the better off we’ll be.

J.D. Gordon is a retired Navy Commander and former Pentagon spokesman, serving in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2005-2009. He has also served as a Senior Fellow and adviser to several Washington, DC-based think tanks.