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Planned Parenthood Hates Nuns

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Planned Parenthood stands for women’s rights. Well, except for women who take their religious beliefs seriously.

Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com:

President Barack Obama is disrespecting the deeply-held religious views of the Little Sisters of the Poor by forcing them to pay for abortion-causing drugs under the HHS mandate. But the Planned Parenthood abortion business thinks what is really disrespectful is pro-life Speaker Paul Ryan inviting them to attend Obama’s State of the Union address…

Here’s how the abortion company sees it:

That’s right, the Little Sisters of the Poor had no business being at the State of the Union address. Sure, there was a well-publicized empty seat to symbolize victims of gun violence, and a number of Muslims were invited because they haven’t committed gun violence, but that doesn’t mean Paul Ryan had any right to disrespect Planned Parenthood by inviting people with religious objections to abortion. Republicans are there to be trolled, not to troll anybody else!

Your religious liberties end where the policy goals of Democrats begin. If you insist on following a religion, but you don’t have the good sense to follow the religion that must always be defended no matter what, there’s no reason the rest of us should have to put up with you.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some little kids to cut up and sell off for parts.

Dead babies: GOOD
Nuns: BAD