Michael Moore: Hollywood Is Too White And Too Male

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Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Michael Moore said the Oscars have a diversity problem because Hollywood itself is too white and too male.

During an interview with MSNBC, the filmmaker said he will boycott the Academy Awards too.

“I stand with Spike [Lee] and Jada [Smith],” Moore said.

“This is wrong. Not just in terms of the Oscars but really it’s the industry. I mean, I just served a term recently on board of governors a couple years ago on the Oscars representing the documentary branch.” (RELATED: Spike Lee On The Oscars: ‘I Never Used The Word Boycott’)

Michael Moore lack of women in Hollywood is diversity

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“I know that amongst the board of governors and the people that run the academy, they are absolutely disgusted with this all-white nature that keeps happening every year,” he added. (RELATED: Oscar-Winning Actress Criticizes Oscars For Only Nominating White Actors)

“I think they’re going to fix it. I think I and others who symbolically stand with Spike and Jada will help this along. But it’s the industry, Chris. It’s an industry that’s an all — it’s an industry that’s so white and so male.”

Michael Moore lack of women in Hollywood is diversity

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Moore said Los Angeles is still incredibly segregated.

“The academy, too. Demographically too, the actual voters because they work in this industry. Literally I can go to L.A. for two or three days, let’s say if I got to take some meetings for my next movie or whatever. But I literally can go in, they put me in a West Hollywood hotel. I can go to a meeting in Century City, a meeting in Burbank and Santa Monica and three days later, I’ve not encountered a single African-American in any position of any decision making power or authority.”

“It is stunning how segregated the town is, how the industry is.” (RELATED: Jada Pinkett-Smith Is Boycotting The Oscars Because They’re Too White)