Former Dallas Cowboys Running Back Allegedly Bet On NFL Games

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle allegedly bet on sporting events while playing in the NFL.

An exclusive report from the Dallas Morning News makes claims that Randle violated NFL policy by betting on the games, according to four unnamed sources.

One source claimed that Randle was released from the Cowboys not only because of legal problems, but also because he “he had been involved in placing wagers on sporting events during the 2015 season,” according to the Dallas Morning News. (RELATED: Texas Police Send A Helicopter After Johnny Manziel Following 911 Call)

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed the allegations during the Senior Bowl, but did his best to beat around giving any kind of straight answer. “All of that became apparent to us right during the season. Not before the season. It became real acute, a combination of things. Some issues … became more apparent,” he said about why Randle was released from the team. (RELATED: The Sports World Reacts To The Possibility That Calvin Johnson Will Retire)

Jones said he never saw any evidence that Randle bet on any games. The Dallas Morning News pointed out the interesting stat line of Randle’s final game for Dallas.

He was averaging 12 yards-per-carry early in the game against the New York Giants, but then pulled himself out claiming to have an injury. The former Oklahoma State running back watched the Cowboys lose 27-20 standing on the sidelines for the rest of the game. (VIDEO: Source: Peyton Manning Tells Friends He Will Retire After Super Bowl)

Randle has denied all claims that he ever gambled on sports.

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