Asked For Her Super Bowl Pick, Hillary Replies ‘I’m Going To Flint’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Asked who she thinks will win the Super Bowl, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stayed on her campaign’s message: she’s going to Flint, Michigan. Having all but conceded the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders, Clinton brushed off “the big game” and responded with “I’m going to Flint, Michigan,” ground zero for a government-caused lead-contaminated water crisis.

Flint is an overwhelmingly black city, and Clinton’s strategy is for South Carolina and the black vote there is to serve as a firewall in her flailing fight against Sanders. So rather than campaign in New Hampshire, Clinton is off for a photo-op in Flint.

“I don’t have anybody right now,” Clinton said Sunday on “Meet the Press” when asked if the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers would win the Super Bowl. “I’m going to Flint, Michigan. I’m worried about the kids in Flint, Michigan right now, trying to figure out what we’re going to do to make sure they aren’t damaged irreparably by this lead poisoning.”