Mystery Sniper Takes Out Three ISIS Terror Chiefs In Libyan City

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An unknown marksman is bringing fear to Islamic State terrorists by targeting leaders in Libya.

The man known as “Daesh Hunter” is believed to have killed three ISIS terror leaders in the Libyan town of Sirte, the hometown of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. ISIS took over the coastal town in February of last year and continues to enjoy a significant presence in the war-torn country.

It’s reported the sniper killed the three ISIS chiefs within 10 days of each other. Unconfirmed reports claim ISIS has been sweeping the city for the man ever since.

The first target, Hamed Abdel Hadi, was reportedly neutralized Jan. 13. Hadi, a Sudanese national, was supposedly a high-ranking member of the ISIS Sharia court.

Abu Mohammed Dernawi was the second leader to allegedly fall to the sniper Jan. 19 near his home in Sirte. The third target, Abdullah Hamad al-Ansari, was taken out Jan. 23 just after leaving a mosque.

The origin and existence of the sniper are in dispute. One theory proposes there is no sniper at all, and the legend is simply an ISIS propaganda move created to cover up the murders of several ISIS chiefs that resulted from infighting.

A more fantastical claim says the sniper’s remarkable aim and tactics are reminiscent of those utilized by British S.A.S. special forces, and that perhaps “Daesh Hunter” is an ex-British sniper who decided to become a lone gunman.

A more sober theory has suggested the sniper is actually from the nearby town of Misrata.

Regardless of his origins, local sources seem to believe the effects he is having on ISIS are real. “A state of terror prevailed among the ISIL [ISIS] ranks after his death. They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper,” said one man to the al-Wasat website.

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