Levin: Establishment Backs Rubio Because ‘They Hate Cruz,’ ‘Love Amnesty’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mark Levin says Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] is “spinning tales” or as Rubio would say, “lying lying, lying” about his rival Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]’s immigration position.

The radio talk show host argued Wednesday that the Republican establishment hates Cruz “and they love amnesty” on “The Mark Levin Show.” (RELATED: Sen. Sessions: Trump And Cruz Pass On Immigration, Questions Remain About Rubio [AUDIO])

“For Rubio to say there’s not much difference between Cruz and himself, [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] was on this program. He couldn’t believe it,” Levin said.

“So we have a situation here where we have Marco Rubio, who’s spinning tales, who’s serially dissembling or as he would say, ‘Lying lying, lying.” And his campaign has succeeded in defining Cruz was for what Rubio has become and has done.” (RELATED: Rubio Hits Cruz Campaign For ‘Lying To Voters’ [VIDEO])

Levin later argued that Donald Trump “likes that because Trump wants Cruz out the way so that it comes down to Cruz and Rubio. And the Republican establishment want Rubio. They’re playing footsie with Trump because they feel that, well, he may be the guy and we, you know we’ll sell our souls and do whatever we have to do and the guy’s willing to cut deals.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz ‘Won’t Make Deals’ In Washington, Campaign Aide Says [VIDEO])

However, the establishment is “getting behind Rubio because they hate Cruz and they love amnesty.”

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