CNN’s Tapper Asks Podesta If Hillary Attending Lobbyist Fundraiser Undermines Her Message [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta if having a fundraiser with lobbyists from Goldman Sachs “undermines” Clinton’s message and drive “supporters to Bernie Sanders.”

During “The Lead” on Tuesday, Podesta downplayed the possible conflict of interest and said “we’re going to raise money that we need to compete.”

Tapper said, “John, according to the Sunlight Foundation and The Intercept, you’re hosting a fundraiser for Secretary Clinton in Washington, along with several lobbyists who work for firms that lobby on behalf of Goldman Sachs, the NRA. Isn’t this the fundraiser exactly the kind thing that drives supporters to Bernie Sanders?” (RELATED: For Sale: Hillary On Taking $675,000 From Goldman Sachs, ‘That’s What They Offered’ [VIDEO])

“Well look, I think we’re trying to raise the resources that are necessary with respect to her positions,” Podesta said. “For example, there’s no one who’s been stronger, louder, in taking on the gun lobby than Hillary Clinton. She has a record in sharp contrast to Senator Sanders who’s voted five times against the Brady Bill. Voted to provide immunity to gun owners. He’s shifted, to some extent, we welcome that, in the course of this campaign. But she’s going to take on the gun lobby, take on Wall Street with comprehensive plan.”

Tapper interjected, “But aren’t you afraid that it undermines her pitch on Wall Street and the gun lobby when she takes money from federal lobbyists who lobby on behalf of Wall street and the gun lobby?”

“Well, as I understand your reference to the gun lobbies, the person no longer does that, that’s a good thing for the country because we need to beat back the gun lobby. And I think what’s important is that she can stand up, as she always has to special interests, to the people who are taking our country in the wrong direction, and she’ll do that,” Podesta claimed.

“But as you know, there’s a lot of money coming at us from the other side and we’re going to raise resources that we need to raise to compete both in these primaries and then if we become the nominee, as I think we will, in the general election. Super PACs are already advertising against her and they have been since Iowa. And we’re going to raise money that we need to compete.” (RELATED: This Might Be Why Hillary Won’t Release Her Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts)

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