Trump: Rubio Is ‘The Big Loser Of The Night’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump says Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] was “the big loser of the night.”

During Trump’s post Super Tuesday press conference in Palm Beach, Florida, the billionaire real estate mogul said, “I do congratulate Ted because I know how hard Ted worked on Texas. And that’s a big get.” (RELATED: Texas Turns To Ted In Anti-Trump Tide)

CNN’s Sara Murray asked Trump, “Do you feel like the presumptive nominee at this point?” (RELATED: Super Tuesday 2016 Republican Results)

“I feel awfully good,” Trump said. “I mean I’m watching your people. I’m watching your people on, and I’m going to be very nice, I’m going to be very nice. I’m watching your people on CNN and I’m watching the Fox people and MSNBC people too. Okay, see, I’m being diplomatic. And they are certainly being very nice to me tonight.”

“I mean, you know they’re being very strong. And they are. They’re declaring Marco Rubio the big loser of the night, which is true. He didn’t win anything,” Trump said. “He hasn’t won anything period. And by the way, I have to tell you, and he was very, very nasty. I never heard a person speak up on anything like this and be so nasty but he’s got a right to be nasty he hasn’t won anything and he’s not going to win very much.”

“But I do congratulate Ted because I know how hard Ted worked on Texas. And that’s a big get. Now I also did very well in Texas. I came in second and one of the things my son Eric told me, which I didn’t realize, is that not only did I win most of the states and some are coming in and I’m expected to win them, but I came in second, I came in no worse than second. So it wasn’t like I won and then disappeared. The worst I had was the second. So I’m very, very honored by the turnout,” Trump said.

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