Actress: ‘I Have Never … Regretted My Abortion’ [VIDEO]

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Actress Amy Brenneman, who has appeared in “Heat” and “The Leftovers,” wrote in a Cosmopolitan op-ed, “I have never, not for one moment, regretted my abortion.”

“I had the procedure done with no pain; my boyfriend was with me the whole time. Afterward, I breathed huge sigh of relief and thought to myself, I get my life back!” Brenneman wrote. “I was grateful that I lived in a country where forced birth was not the law of the land and where motherhood was not a lifelong consequence for a contraception slip.”

“I had an abortion. I am simply one of millions of women who have exercised this constitutionally protected right, and according to recent data, I am part of the 95 percent of women who do not regret their choice,” Brenneman argued.

She said she had her abortion at 21-years-old. At 51, she said, “I have never, not for one moment, regretted my abortion. My husband of 20 years and I became parents when we had built a home to nurture our children.”

“Our constitutional right to abortion is under attack, as it has been for years, but more viciously than ever,” she claimed. “It is time for me to speak up with the specifics of my own story.”

“In the spring of my junior year at Harvard, my period was late. I had been in a relationship for almost two years with a loving and supportive boyfriend.”

“We used birth control, but it malfunctioned,” Brenneman said. “When I learned I was pregnant, I knew immediately and without question that I wanted an abortion. I had no desire to be a mother at that time — I wanted to finish college and start my career.”

“All Americans, men and women, should be free to decide whether and when to become parents,” Brenneman argued.

Brenneman concluded her op-ed: “My abortion story is absolutely uneventful. It has left no scars. But in this current political climate, one in which a woman who makes the responsible choice of not bringing an unwanted child into this world is forced to drive 500 miles or is violently harassed on her way to the clinic door or is pushed to take matters into her own hands, this uneventful-ness seems downright miraculous. May it always be so uneventful. May abortion once again be accepted for what it always has been: a necessary component of responsible family planning.”


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