Trump: Romney ‘Would Have Dropped To His Knees’ For 2012 Endorsement [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump says that in 2012 when he endorsed Mitt Romney he could have said “drop to your knees” and Romney “would have dropped to his knees.”

During a campaign rally in Portland, Maine, on Thursday, Trump commented about Romney’s speech claiming, “I thought I’ll just address it quickly because it’s irrelevant. Look, Mitt is a failed candidate. He failed. He failed horribly.” (RELATED: Romney: Vote For ‘Whoever Has The Best Chance To Beat Trump In A Given State’ [VIDEO])

“That was a race, I have to say, folks, that should have been won,” Trump said. “That was a race that absolutely should have been won. And I don’t know what happened to him. He disappeared, he disappeared. And I wasn’t happy about it, I’ll be honest. I am not a fan of Barack Obama.”

Trump said, “I backed Mitt Romney, I backed him, you can see how loyal he is. He was begging for my endorsement. I could have said, ‘Mitt, drop to your knees,’ he would have dropped to his knees, he was begging. He was begging me.”

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