Trump Has Turned Conservatives Into Social Justice Warriors

Scott Greer Contributor
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Conservatives in the Washington D.C. area aren’t too happy these days.

Donald Trump continues to leap from victory to victory and no outrageous statement or well-funded ad blitz seems able to halt his momentum.

Their preferred candidate, Marco Rubio, continues to struggle in the race despite netting his first win Tuesday, and it appears hopeless the Florida senator will go to the convention with the most delegates.

All of the op-eds and television segments dedicated to highlighting Trump’s faults and lack of conservative principles have apparently fell on the deaf ears of the Republican electorate.

This dismal state has taken a toll on the mental well-being of many conservatives, and in turn, many of the distraught have started to resemble the notorious lunatics of the Left: social justice warriors.

Social justice warriors (SJW) seem to satirize the loony behavior of the contemporary left-wing activist. From the campus safe spacer warning of cisgender oppression to the Twitter user demanding censorship of feminist critics, ridiculousness can come in all kinds for the modern-day Lefty.

Delusion, hate, deranged rhetoric, paranoid thin-skinned resentment and lack of connection with the American mainstream are common traits of the SJW — now sadly of the conservative establishment as well.


On college campuses across the country, SJWs believe their very safety is at risk because of speech they disagree with, or events that are insufficiently politically correct. There’s no serious evidence for these delusions to run rampant — like conservatives who think Trump is a fascist dictator-in-waiting who will send all pundits to loser re-education camps.

One leading neoconservative says he would rather support the murderous Soviet despot Josef Stalin over The Donald. (RELATED: Rubio Adviser: I’d Rather Vote For Stalin Than Trump)

Hysterics over Trump has become a too-common theme among conservatives and their paranoia over what may happen if The Donald is elected president has gotten the best of their reason.

Intense Virtue Signalling

SJWs never let an opportunity to pass that they are “on the right side of history” and condemn universally-hated bogeymen to demonstrate their superior moral standing. Over the last week, conservatives have taken every chance to denounce the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke. Neither Duke nor the KKK are particularly politically relevant (especially the Klan), but they do make easy targets to tell the world how progressive you are — and skewer Trump for his gaffe in failing to adequately disavow both of them.

Mitt Romney offered the best example of this sanctimonious pontificating in one tweet earlier this week.

Praised by many in the media, it’s still worth remembering this lecture is on a group that has less than 3,000 members. Then again, SJWs also believe the KKK is still a real threat in 2016.

The Belief The KKK Is Real And Very Powerful

See above.

Hashtags Can Change The World

Deluded leftists love hashtags and believe they make a difference on the world. From #HandsUpDontShoot to #CarryThatWeight, SJWs can’t resist the temptation to propagate false notions throughout the Internet with the help of Twitter. Conservatives in the past mocked this behavior, but they got in on the act last weekend with #NeverTrump.

Created for pundits and prominent conservative on Twitter to let the world know the individual would never, ever vote for Trump. Some even viewed it as a huge movement that would take down The Donald. Trump went on to have the biggest night of his campaign a few days after the hashtag started.

In other words, it worked about as well as #BringBackOurGirls. (RELATED: 7 Hashtags That Prove Twitter Activism Can Change Human History)

The Desire To Identify And Punish Heretics

As Trump looks poised to secure the Republican nomination, many prominent politicians and pundits have attempted to look on the bright side of things. Though according to the anti-Trump crowd, this is as morally reprehensible as Frenchmen who collaborated with the Third Reich.

When Chris Christie endorsed Trump, many conservative journalists and PACs threatened any politician who would follow suit. When radio host and Marco Rubio fan Hugh Hewitt wrote a column offering the reluctant case for voting for Trump in the general election, the well-respected commentator was attacked for lacking “moral bearings” and being a turncoat.

On Twitter, conservatives have salivated over the opportunity to purge and destroy all the heretics and Trump supporters if The Donald’s candidacy explodes.

Like SJWs, they can’t wait to prove they’re right and police thought crime.

Hatred for Middle America

SJWs hate Middle America for being full of white privilege, systemic racism and unbearable oppression towards every minority under the sun. Conservatives hate Middle America for not voting the right way.

They have called Trump supporters ill-fit for procreation and view them as “low-information cultists.”
As a result of this contempt, conservatives have discarded all the rhetoric about expanding the Right’s appeal and restricting it to hardcore purists — complete with closed primaries and endless purges. (RELATED: The Conservative Establishment Turns Against GOP Voters)

The folks who used to mock liberals for wanting to move if George W. Bush got elected president now want to move if America makes a decision they disagree with.

Living In An Insular Fantasy World

SJWs believe it’s possible to live in a world free of offensive speech where everyone can live free of the fear of hurt feelings — among a host of other ridiculous notions. Conservatives may not be as ludicrous in their ideas as SJWs, but they do uphold beliefs counter to the desires of the electorate and dwell within an echo chamber reminiscent of college “safe spaces.”

Many on the Right have read the tea leaves of Trump’s success and determined the best course of action is to double down on ideological orthodoxy. Even though The Donald’s campaign has been built on snubbing nearly every pillar of conservatism — from foreign policy to trade — movement types refuse to give into the reality that the electorate doesn’t align with the [crscore]Paul Ryan[/crscore] brand of right-wing politics.

Examples of this head-in-the-sand attitude include proposals for luring Trump voters back to ideological conformity with “comprehensive immigration reform,” and one prominent conservative is hoping a new party is built on markets and trade instead of national identity.

This mentality can only occur when your whole environment coddles your beliefs against the hard truths of the campaign trail.

It’s no wonder they can’t tell they’re starting to evince the worst traits of social justice warriors either.

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