The #NeverTrumpers Are Helping To Elect Hillary Clinton


C.J. Pearson Contributor
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If Hillary Clinton is elected president this coming fall, Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol, and the countless establishment Republican pundits desperately grasping for relevancy will have themselves to blame. The #NeverTrump movement has fiercely divided the Republican Party and has all but incinerated any chance we have at taking back the White House. However, the division didn’t start with #NeverTrump. It started with mainstream Republicans ostracizing conservative firebrands like Chris McDaniel, who unsuccessfully challenged longtime Kansas Senator Thad Cochran in the 2014 cycle, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — leaving their devout supporters voiceless and infuriated.

The Trump phenomenon has been long in the making. Conservatives across the country are pissed off, frustrated, and view the RNC with almost as much contempt as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Much to the dismay of the Republican establishment, Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and GOP front runner has won 10 states, amassed 319 delegates, and drawn record turnout. Donald Trump has managed to do what few other candidates in this race have figured out how to do.

Which is, win.

Fifteen nominating contests later and 31 days since the first votes of the election were cast, his two closest rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have fallen behind. The establishment is so desperate that earlier this week, they sought to turn their longstanding enemy into, at best, a frenemy — ordaining Cruz as the most viable alternative to Mr. Trump.

This election cycle has turned the political establishment on its head, leaving former brokers of power broke, busted, and disgusted. The Washington cartel has found its entire power hungry operation in shambles.

The American people have rebelled, the Washington elite are hopeless — but the fight is far from over.

We have a White House to win.

I became involved in politics, at so young, because I am committed to fighting for a better America for my generation. I genuinely believe that the best days of our nation are ahead of us. So, yes, excuse me for taking issue with a certain faction of Republicans willing to concede the election seven months before it even takes place.

Hillary Clinton is currently being investigated by the FBI. Her negligence led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Her “no one can touch me” attitude gave us “email-gate.” The aforementioned scandals are only the beginning of it. Questions still remain as to if the Clinton Foundation was used as a proxy for foreign nations looking to illicit favors from the Clinton led State Department.

In American politics, the last name “Clinton” and the word “scandal” and “untrustworthy” have become synonymous. America cannot afford another one.

Donald Trump said something that hurt your feelings? Sorry for not caring.

Hillary Clinton’s negligence has hurt families — torn them to shreds — and her actions have repeatedly skirted the rules of ethics and the rule of law.

Donald Trump, for all intents and purposes, is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. He is not our enemy. The open letters, the hashtags, and the grandstanding have given the Democratic Party precious ammo.

Stop loading their gun and raise your own.

Electing Hillary Clinton is a death warrant for our nation — don’t let #NeverTrump be the signature.