Limbaugh: Cruz Isn’t Going To ‘Accomplish Much’ By Trying To Take Voters From Trump


Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh says [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] is “gonna have to realize that he’s not going to accomplish much by trying to take voters away from Trump.”

Thursday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh insisted Cruz has “gotta go out and get people who were for Ben Carson. In the process, if that peels away some Trump people, fine; but you’re never going to get Trump voters by telling them that Donald is this or that or that they are low-information or that they don’t get it.” (RELATED: Cruz: Trump Takes Advantage Of ‘Voters Who Have Relatively Low Information’ [VIDEO])

“Here’s the bottom line,” he continued, “Cruz is gonna have to realize that he’s not going to accomplish much by trying to take voters away from Trump. They’re locked. There’s a bond there you can’t break. The only guy that can is Trump. The Republican Party cannot take Trump supporters away because they didn’t put them there. Well, they’re responsible for it, but they haven’t promoted Trump. There’s no reason. Trump’s the only guy that can break that bond. Therefore, what Cruz has to do is get Rubio’s voters. He’s gotta get Kasich’s voters.”

Later Limbaugh argued, “A lot of those Trump voters (I don’t know what percentage; people are saying it’s anywhere from 15% to 25%, maybe 30%) are Democrats, moderates, independents, liberals. They are white working-class voters who are not enthused by Hillary or Crazy Bernie.”

Those voters support Trump because of his stances on “free trade [and] immigration stuff.”

“There are plenty of votes in the anti-Trump quadrants or sectors, if you will, of the Republican Party. It would probably be more beneficial, productive to focus on those, ’cause nobody’s gonna talk Trump voters out of supporting him right now,” Limbaugh said.

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