SATAN-LOVING Students On Minnesota College Campus Combat ‘Conservativism,’ Transphobia, NAFTA

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Gay, capitalism-hating devil worshippers at the University of Minnesota, Morris have announced their intention to wage a war against conservatives on campus.

The nascent group, called “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future,” announced its existence and its ambitions late last month in a campus-wide email, reports Campus Reform.

“I’m looking to start a Satanist group at Morris to address the budding conservatism on this campus — which I find abhorrent,” student Reed Larsen explained in the email.

“I’m hoping the group will have a social justice platform and further such a platform through good ol’ devilish revelry,” Larsen also said.

Larsen has christened himself as “Vold Mother” of “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future.”

For the group’s logo, Larsen chose a classic, circle-emblazoned satanic pentagram festooned with the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag.

The “budding conservatism” on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus consists of handful of groups — a gun group, a pro-life club — which boast perhaps two dozen members combined, a source who chose to remain unidentified told Campus Reform.

Larsen has distributed the initial newsletter of “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future” on the 1,900-student campus in the small town of Morris, Minn. (motto: “It starts here”).

Among the articles in the newsletter is a piece entitled “6 Reasons why Necromancy is Better than Bigotry.” (Necromancy means “talking to the spirits of dead people” and “using magic powers especially for evil purposes.”)

One of the reasons “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future” gives is that necromancy is more environmentally sound. “I think we can agree that Flint’s water crisis was caused by rich white government officials throwing poor black folks under the bus,” Larsen writes in the initial newsletter. (RELATED: Emails Reveal EPA Knew About Tainted Water In 2015, Let Citizens Keep Drinking)

“Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future” also blames conservatives for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a 1993 law signed Democrat Bill Clinton and supported by 166 Republicans and 129 Democrats in Congress.

“You cannot push your pain onto other people, blaming immigrants for economic trends that were started by NAFTA,” Larsen pontificates, on behalf of “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future.”

It’s not clear how many members besides Larsen belong to “Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future.” However, new members must “recite the Infernal Oath,” swear to resist capitalism and “oppose all forms of oppression, including but not limited to, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, capitalism and all that spawns from such treacherous lechery,” according to Campus Reform.

“Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future” is slated to meet weekly in taxpayer-funded space on campus.

Encounters with people supporting Satan and his minions are not frequent on America’s college campuses, but they do happen.

In 2014, the Harvard Extension School Cultural Studies Club relocated a satanic “black mass” ritual originally scheduled for Monday night on campus at Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub in the basement of Memorial Hall (a building honoring the sacrifices made by Harvard men during the Civil War). The last-minute move, a crushing blow to efforts at campus diversity, came in response to a public outcry and considerable negative publicity. (RELATED: Harvard Satanic Mass Relocated Off Campus After Public Backlash)

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