George Clooney Just Slammed Donald Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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George Clooney said Hillary Clinton is the only adult in a room full of children when it comes to presidential candidates.

George Clooney Hillary Clinton

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In an email pitch the actor sent out to Clinton supporters Monday morning, he criticized Donald Trump without naming him directly. (RELATED: George Clooney Is Hosting A Huge Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton)

“If you listen to the loudest voices out there today, you’d think we’re a country that hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, and thinks that committing war crimes is the best way to make America great again,” Clooney wrote.

George Clooney Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton George Clooney

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“The truth is that the only thing that would prevent America from being great would be to empower these voices.”

“As this primary process continues, Hillary could soon have an insurmountable delegate lead and with that, the Democratic nomination. That would then make her the only grown-up in the room. And if ever there was a time for a grown-up, that time is now.”

In early March, Clooney said Trump was a “xenophobic fascist.” (RELATED: George Clooney: Donald Trump Is A ‘Xenophobic Fascist’)

“He’s just an opportunist,” he said at the time. “Now he’s a fascist; a xenophobic fascist. You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve exhausted all the other possibilities.”