According To Democrats, It’s ‘Un-American’ To Enforce Immigration Laws

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Hillary Clinton made quite the incredulous claim last week.

In an interview with a Portland immigration lawyer, Clinton asserted the U.S.-Mexico border is secure and migration from the Central American country was no longer a problem.

“I think we’ve done a really good job securing the border,” the Democratic front-runner confidently stated. (RELATED: Hillary: ‘I Think We’ve Done A Really Good Job Securing The Border’)

Unfortunately, the sentiment expressed by Clinton is par the course for her and her primary rival Bernie Sanders. While every Republican candidate admits there’s a problem at the border and with illegal immigration, the Democratic field thinks there’s nothing wrong at all with millions of people streaming into the U.S. without authorization. The only issue, to Democrats, is that American policy treats these illegals in an unpleasant manner.

At Univision’s March 9 Democratic Debate, the party’s remaining presidential candidates clambered over each other to show how far they will go to pander to Hispanics and embrace illegal migration.

Considering who hosted the event, it was appropriate both Clinton and Sanders emphasized their willingness to do anything required to win the Latino vote.

Clinton made an attempt to speak Spanish and called Donald Trump “un-American.” Sanders promised he would never deport “non-criminal” illegal aliens.

Both candidates vowed to bring back the husband of a non-English speaking U.S. citizen who asked the candidates a question on keeping families together. Her spouse was deported from the country for being here illegally. Both Clinton and Sanders said they would never deport “children,” which, in the case of the former first lady, is a reversal of a past opinion.

The children question mostly relates to the surge of border crossings of illegal minors over the past few years. Most of the minors have been working-age males in their late teens.

And with both candidates declaring their desire to keep families together, it’s highly unlikely illegals with children would be deported under a Democratic president.

Essentially, two people who could be the next president of the United States would do everything in their power to not enforce the laws of the land.

While most of the press this election cycle has honed in on how supposedly extreme the Republican Party has become on immigration, far less attention has been paid to far-left drift of the Democrats on the issue.

Both Democratic candidates take a radical position on immigration policy that appears to favor the interests of non-citizens over American laws.

There’s a couple of things to learn from this development.

First off, Sanders’ and Clinton’s new stances on the issue are flip-flops. Only last year Sanders was sounding awfully similar to [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] on immigration and wanted it reduced in order to help the wages of American workers. Now he’s sounding more like La Raza and refusing to tell anyone they can’t come to the United States.

Clinton used to be fine with deporting people that came illegally to the United States, no matter what the age. Now, she’s calling deportation “un-American.” Ditto for her stance on border security, which, in the past, she has stressed needs to be improved and that America needs some sort of wall down there. (RELATED: Hillary Backtracks On Support For Funding Border Wall)

The most important thing to learn from the rhetoric of Clinton and Sanders on the subject is that Republicans are total fools for believing some kind of comprehensive immigration reform can be worked out with Democrats. Or, at least immigration reform that fortifies border security and tries to curb illegal migration.

On this issue, Democrats solely care about giving citizenship (not just legalization) to illegals and every other idea is just unacceptable xenophobia. Many Republicans, such as former presidential candidate [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore], still believe a great compromise can be reached where Democrats agree to secure the border and put a stop to illegal immigration.

In exchange, Republicans promise to grant legalization, or even citizenship, to law-abiding illegals.

But that requires a good faith partner who is willing to do things in exchange for legalization and actually views unauthorized migration as a problem.

Democrats are not that kind of partner.

They are not willing to seriously attempt to secure the border, nor do they see open borders America as something to be afraid of. Increasingly, it seems like the blue party wants the whole world to come to the U.S. — provided these new arrivals show a potential to be future Democrats.

The last thing to take away from the statements of the two possible Democratic nominees for president is that they aren’t that concerned with the rule of law.

Republicans bemoaned how lawless and unconstitutional President Obama’s executive amnesty was when it was unveiled in late 2014. Clinton’s response is not only keep Obama’s executive order in place, but to dramatically expand it to protect a larger number of illegals from deportation, provide them with healthcare coverage and give fee waivers for those applying for citizenship.

The law of the land doesn’t even come into consideration when making these plans. As previously mentioned, it’s apparently “un-American” to want enforce laws that happen to harm a new protected class of non-citizens.

For any nation to exist as a nation, it must enforce its laws and secure its borders. To treat both goals as bigoted is simply, well, un-American.

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