Limbaugh Calls On Hillary To Suspend Her Campaign Over ‘Screw Ups’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

Rush Limbaugh has called on Hillary Clinton to suspend her presidential campaign because of her “screw ups.”

While reading an editorial Tuesday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” which called on Clinton to drop out, Limbaugh said, “It’s time for the Republicans to stand up and say, ‘Mrs. Clinton, there’s too much going on with you here. There’s a lot of smoke now, we think we see some flames. We think you should suspend [your campaign.]'”

Taking a page out of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s playbook, Limbaugh said, “This is what Dingy Harry would do.” Imitating Reid, Limbaugh said, “Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his taxes in 25 years. A friend of mine told me. We think Romney should suspend his campaign to look into it.”

Clinton’s most recent “screw ups” include using a private email server and having classified information on it while she was secretary of state. (RELATED: Hillary Faces National Security Establishment ‘Uprising’ Over Emails)

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